Backed by half a century of research and development, Solaray is the trusted name in vitamins, minerals, and supplements. Since 1973, we’ve scoured the globe for the highest quality ingredients and delivered the most effective, clean products to help you LIVE BRIGHTER.

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When you LIVE BRIGHTER you embrace the moments that matter most to you.

Solaray is the supporter of your ambitions and believes that better health should be available to everyone. Inspired by the beauty and abundance of natural resources in our home of Utah, USA, our passion has always been simple and singular: to support individuals’ wellness goals with the most effective, clean ingredients under the sun.

Promise yourself the best chance of pursuing all the goals, adventures, milestones, and happiness that a healthy lifestyle brings - LIVE BRIGHTER with Solaray.



If it’s going in your body, there should be no question about the contents or quality, that’s why Solaray invests in rigorous testing - led by Masters and PhD level scientists - on all products, to ensure they are pure, potent, safe and effective.

From the moment raw ingredients arrive at our state-of-the-art facility in Utah, they are tested and retested to ensure the highest product quality. We test for identity, potency and stability to ensure a contaminant-free product that stands up to its claims as the product ages, maintaining its efficacy.

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Our legacy is rooted in our natural surroundings and we have a responsibility to care for our planet. 

We respect the earth and continually work towards replenishing the resources that provide our raw ingredients, so our generation and those who follow can all enjoy better health.

Our aim is to reduce, repurpose, and recycle to decrease our carbon footprint, through tangible schemes and initiatives - not just talk. All of our plastic bottles are manufactured using Post-Consumer Recycled Resin (PCR), our production facility in Utah went solar in 2022 and we have an all-electric vehicle fleet.

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Wellness starts with the proven power of science and clean ingredients from the earth.