Repurposed: Our New PCR Bottles

We're makings strides to create a better earth, and that's why we are now making all our bottles with 100% Post Consumer Resin.
Post consumer resin, PCR new bottles

Bottle Remade

It’s no secret that Solaray is committed to providing customers with the best ingredients for optimal health.

We’re also committed to making the world better than we found it. We’re reinventing our bottle game with 100% post consumer recycled plastic.

This change represents a very exciting time for us as we initiate the move to a more sustainable future. Unlike virgin plastic bottles, the earth isn’t something we can easily replace.

As a company that draws 100% of its resources from our living planet, we’re more committed than ever to reducing our carbon footprint.


Post consumer resin, PCR new bottles

Planet Renewed

Each of our new product bottles is as uniquely perfect as our customers.

While still transparent, the new post-consumer resin bottles will all show a slight variance in color, as is inherent in our sustainable approach.

Every bottle will shine a little differently, as it’s from a unique source of plastic we’ve saved from our oceans and earth.