Our Values

This brand was created  and grown through ingenuity, consistency, and by investing in what’s truly essential. Our core principles today reflect the same driving forces.


Pursue Innovation.

Continuously seek better solutions to improve health through leveraging the best that advances in science and technology have to offer. Don’t rest on our laurels. Push boundaries; redefine them altogether. There is always something more we can be doing for our customers, and the work is never done.


Uphold Quality.

Create the best possible solutions for our customers, with clean ingredients from the earth. Assurance of state-of-the-art labs with advanced technology that test and re-test each of our products. Deliver on the trust built with our customers for over 50 years and counting, and on their belief that our product is the most efficacious solution to meet their and their loved ones’ needs.


Stay Loyal.

Remain faithful to the partners and the customers who believed in us from the start and helped us become the global brand we are today.  Support their growth as they support ours.


Drive Education.

Leverage our position as one of the originators in the vitamin, minerals, and supplements space to deepen people’s knowledge and provide them with the tools to further their own wellness journeys. Champion education through transparency. Continue to welcome newcomers into the fold, because we believe better health should be for everybody.


Be of Service.

Provide the best possible solutions to our customers as their wellness concierge, to help them live their best lives and enjoy the moments that really matter. Create wide-scale initiatives that care for the planet. Not just to check the box, but to show the world that we are investing in the future -- for our generation and those to follow.