Super Mightidophilus 24 – 30bil


Super Mightidophilus 24 - 30bil Includes over 24 of the most important strains of beneficial bacteria. Twenty Four-Strain Probiotic Blend (Supplying over 30 Billion** Living Organisms: L. plantarum, L.

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Gut Support


Gut Support A unique formula designed to support the intestinal tract with specific nutrients to fortify the intestinal lining L-Glutamine, Vitamin C, L-Carnosine, Zinc Mix 1 rounded teasponn

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Total Calm Advanced


Total Calm Advanced A blend of calming ingredients including Holy Bail, L-Theanine, lemon Balm, English Lavender, Eleuthero, N-Acetyl L-Carnitine, Rhodiola, Ginseng and Vitamin B-12 could help cases of anxiety or

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Bloat-X Bloat-X is an innovative blend of herbs, advanced digestive enzymes for ideal water and fluid balance, along with healthy digestion. Potassium (as Di-Potassium Phosphate) 22 mg <1%† Proprietary


DinoDophilus – 2bil


DinoDophilus - 2bil DinoDophilus is a combination of 2 billion* important intestinal flora intended to provide nutritive support for a child's delicate digestive system. DinoDophilus Probiotic Blend (L. acidophilus,

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48 Hour Cleanse


48 Hour Cleanse 48 Hour Cleanse with Mightidophilus-12 is a fast and convenient cleanse, combining key probiotics plus herbs to deliver a full body cleanse in just 2 days! This

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Ubiquinol CoQ10 – 100mg


Ubiquinol CoQ10 - 100mg Ubiquinol, the reduced form of CoQ10, is an important part of the Coenzyme Q Cycle Ubiquinol (CoQH2; reduced CoQ10) D-Limonene Oil Gelatin, Glycerin, Purified Water,

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D-Mannose with CranActin – 1000mg 60ct


D-Mannose with CranActin - 1,000mg 1,000 mg of D-Mannose combined with 400 mg of CranActin Cranberry AF extract in two vegetarian capsules is intended to provide nutritive support for a

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Mightidophilus 12 – 10bil


Mightidophilus 12 - 10bil This powerhouse and best selling supplement includes over 12 of the most important strains of beneficial bacteria and each serving provides 20 Billion friendly micro-organisms.

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Peaceful Digestion


Peaceful Digestion A complete formula containing vegan digestive enzymes to help break down carbohydrate and protein enzymes. Amylase, Alpha Galactosidase, Lactase, Cellulase, Glucoamylase, Invertase, Protease, Bromelain (1,800 MCU/g), Papain,

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